2017 Open Enrollment for Covered California Individual and Family Plans

Although no official date has been sent as of yet, this is what is expected from Covered California:

You will receive information from Covered California asking you to update information that will include but not limited to:


change in modified adjusted gross income- this requires a discussion with your tax professional

change of address

change in marital status

change in the number of dependents in your house hold

please respond to all Covered California requests

Changes might require a new application.

If there are no changes and your income listed on your Covered California application will remain the same for 2017, your policy will passively renew unless you decide to make a change, for example, enroll with a different insurance company.


This year there will be premium increases, changes in benefits which are influenced by Affordable Care Act rules and changes that have been made as a result of insurance company decisions.

Keep in mind that your 2016 subsidy has been based on the Modified Adjusted Gross Income that was listed on your Covered California application. Covered California will issue you an IRS form 1095 A to be filed with your 2016 tax return which will then be reconciled with your income. You may receive a tax credit or debit depending on your actual income.

Covered California has not determined when Open Enrollment will begin. In all likelihood it will be November 1st. As soon as I know the exact date I will send you an e mail. I will be setting up phone appointments to begin during Open Enrollment. If you would like to review your policy please let me know.

Remember, your 2016 subsidy is related to your 2016 Modified Adjusted Gross Income. Covered California will send you a 1095 A IRS form to be filed with your taxes. Your subsidy will be adjusted with your taxes depending on whether your income is more or less than what was reported on the enrollment application with Covered California.

IRS Form 1095

The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone been enrolled in a qualified health plan or a penalty will be assessed at your tax filing. The method used to verify your enrollment is with a 1095 tax form. The form is to be mailed to all enrollees in a qualified health plan and submitted with your tax filing for IRS confirmation.

If you are receiving a subsidy through Covered California, the subsidized premium will be included on the 1095. The IRS will verify that the income reported on your Covered California application matches your actual income. If your income is less than what is listed on the application, you will receive an additional credit. If the income is more, you will be required to pay back a calculated amount.

Most insurance companies have sent out the 1095 to enrollees. If you have not received yours, it should arrive soon. Please review the form for its accuracy in terms of premium paid and subsidy allowed.

The above pertains to the 2015 tax year.

The companies that offered policies through my agency in 2015 were:
Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield of California


Assurant Health


United Health Care

Health Net




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